Yacon Syrup – Organic Weight Lost Product You Can Count On

People are raving about the effectiveness of Yacon Syrup, especially those women going through premenopausal systems.

The upward direction in recent years has been living healthier and longer.   One way to live longer is to lose weight.

It would appear that more of us are overweight and obese people than not.  Researchers have been steadily developing more and more weight loss supplements and regimes as a consequence of events.

Several come with promising results and even less deliver.  Realistically speaking, a diet pill is only as effective as the dieter.  He or she should follow the instructions accordingly and workout to bear positive and lasting results.


However, Yacon Syrup, categorized as a probiotic, has proved to be one weight lost product you can count on.  Since Yacon Syrup’s appearance on Dr Oz’s television show, it has been increasingly popular.  Individuals, not just in the US, but in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia are taking this supplement with respect to losing weight, in support of kidney function and in relief of digestive disorders.

What is Yacon Syrup?

what is yacon syrup - yacon syrup ingredients

If you have never tried Yacon Syrup, you should be aware of the Yacon plant root which is mainly used as an all natural sweetener.

Supposedly, it tastes similar to caramel, or a juicy fig,  if you will.  In fact, others say it has various levels for your gustatory perception or taste buds so it could prompt you to think of the modest raisin or the pokey molasses.

The syrup streams over oatmeal just as it would honey or regular syrup.  Additionally, it only takes a teaspoon to sweeten a cupful of tea.

Yacon Syrup has been on the market now for a little while, but with recommendations from Dr Oz, it has brought on quite a joyful disturbance, claiming tremendous reviews.

Other studies have concluded the same results from this miraculous based plant.  Yacon Syrup is pure, however, the supplement contains at least 50% fructooligosacharides and can be pricey.

Although Yacon Syrup doesn’t produce overnight results, the user, nevertheless, will benefit immensely from the product.

Unbelievably, it doesn’t increase blood glucose levels, therefore, it’s safe for the diabetic partially because a portion the syrup isn’t digestible.

The Benefits of Yacon Syrup

You may be dumbfounded at the numerous profits of Yacon Syrup.  The Yacon plant, originating from South America, has been around for a long time and is best-known for its medicinal value.  On the surface, its shape and color is of a fresh picked sweet potato.

fructooligosaccharides yacon

Yacon Syrup contains fructooligosaccharides which decreases gherlin, the hormone that effects hunger. Since fructooligosaccharides or FOS is not readily digestible, it may take a little effort to reach the intestine where it “friendly” bacteria is waiting for it.

This bacteria processes the fructooligosaccharides – helping to reduce the appetite and reduce the chances of diabetes.

The syrup also contains fiber and loads of it.  Consumption of Yacon Syrup, for those troubled with indigestion or other digestion problems such as painful bowel movements or irregular stools, can result in marked improvements.

One study shows that a person’s bowel movements will be greater, therefore relieving them of constant constipation.

As a substitute for sugar, tea and other beverages taste amazing with the right amount of Yacon Syrup.  It is recommended for people with diabetes and those under a strict sugarless diet.

Yacon Syrup is also used to defeat high levels of cholesterol over a period of time.  If it’s not in your favorite store, find the primary ingredient, FOS and you should be in great shape.

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Remarkably, Yacon Syrup provides exceptional aid to those suffering behind spinal abnormalities or degenerative bone conditions.  Daily consumption of this syrup can halt or delay the effects of osteoarthritis, scoliosis and osteoporosis. This is extremely accommodating as we age and lose bone density.  Continuing to devour Yacon Syrup can modify or prevent the aging process, unlike calcium or potassium supplements although they are effective.

Yacon Syrup is recognized as an antioxidant rich.  We, as busy people, don’t always eat right.  When we don’t eat right, it stands to reason that our bodies aren’t supplied with the proper nutrients to support the immune system.

No fear… the ingredients in Yacon Syrup aid in the defense to feed the immune system so it can ward off diseases and illnesses.   Because you consume Yacon Syrup, you may have noticed that you’re not as tired anymore.  That’s due to they syrup’s natural ability to provide increased levels of vigor.

Besides acquiring the energy, I bet loosing weight has become easier, too.  Yes, along with the other impressive benefits of Yacon Syrup, it will reduce the appetite, allowing the dieter to cut back on his or her caloric intake (per tablespoon, it contains around 20 calories), and increase the metabolism rate.

Being able to burn those calories and trim unwanted weight gain is a plus to this diet supplement.  As with all diet plans, one should consult a doctor or dietitian to correct any deficiencies, be made aware of side effects and follow proper usage guidelines. For more Yacon Syrup Reviews visit Where to Buy Yacon Syrup.

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