Soma and Zanaflex comments, soma reviews. The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. Subscribe to Soma’s latest blogs – ultimate pharmacy. In this section users share their experience with Soma and comment on drug side effects, effectiveness, and treatment knowledge.

“Very, very offlabel, but I found by accident (no pun intended — I pulled a back muscle) when I was prescribed Soma for pain that it also significantly enhanced my mood. As I am bipolar I with very refractory symptoms, my psychiatrist suggested I try Soma for a month for that purpose. I have been on it (as well as ritalin) as adjunct therapy to lamictal, cymbalta, and abilify. It’s success, in my opinion, has been remarkable.”

“For ease of use I gave it a 4 because the pills leave a bitter tase in your mouth. As for addictive, not at all. I find that after I take this pill, it is impossible to stay awake. I always fall asleep. This means I can only take it before bed. I am not the type of person who can just fall asleep anywhere, but this medicine make me fall asleep no matter where I am or what I ma doing, so be careful. I am not sure if it works as a muscle relaxer, because after i take it I wae up 8 hours later! It is a good drug and works great, jsut make sure to take it at night at least the first time to see how your body reacts to it.”