Food and Women Obesity – An increasing tragedy – Fat Causes

The problem of excessive weight or over weight is gaining ground day by day. However, one trend is very common across the world is that young women are highly prone to be a victim of obesity.

A male body and a female body are remarkably different with each other. Have you ever thought about the factor, which make men and women different with each other?

The answer of above-mentioned question is “Endocrine system

Endocrine system

Endocrine system is a system of all hormonal secreting glands in human body. This only system that is highly different in males and females endocrine systemas compare to each other. In other meaning, this system determines the difference between two genders of same species. This system is responsible for the ability of reproduction in male and female both. In easy language, this system is also known as hormonal system.

Let us discuss the main cause of women obesity

  • An imbalance of reproductive hormone- Female hormone system is faster and more sensitive as compare to their counterpart. Female hormone system’s stimulation is very high and prompt. Male hormone system reaches to its optimum level at the age of 21-22 while female hormone system keeps stimulating until women reach to the menopause (End of reproductive capacity) as menstruation cycle begins in females at the age of 13-16, the female become able to reproduction. Right from that moment to the situation of menopause, female hormone system keeps stimulating. An imbalance of reproductive hormone is one of the biggest causes of over weight problem in females.


  • Less or zero physical activates- In many parts of the world, young girls and women have no permission to play sports or perform any athletic activities. Due to this, young girls or women are highly prone to gain excessive weights.


  • Complications during pregnancy- Women’s body undergo various biological and chemicals changes during pregnancy. Therefore, several women grab excessive weights.


  • Emotional stress– Women are a bit more emotional creature as compare to their counterpart. Because of this reason, women are highly prone to grab emotional stress. It is a common observation of several experts of neurology and psychology science that if emotional stress persists for a longer period, it can reduce insulin production and speed of glucose metabolism might be slower. These factors increase chances of excessive weight gains in women.


  • Imbalanced diet- Gender discrimination is still going on in many parts of the world. Women of these areas do not have privilege to have a balanced nutritional diet. This reason may also increase chances of excessive weight gain in women.


Eat good food and be healthy


Food is one of the most vital requirements of human beings along with oxygen and water. If you consider your body as a machine than food is the fuel that keeps this machine moving. All the machines that are given light fuel works better and longer. Same formula is applicable to human health because there is a specific light weighted fuel available for human body! The fuel is named as “Vegetarianism

As we know that, many nutritional elements are quite essential for smooth running of human body. The three main elements are carbohydrate, protein, and fats. Apart from these three elements, several vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are also crucial for human health’s point of views.


How to Have A Balance Diet | Foods


Balance diet” This term often strikes our ears. However, this term extremely varies person to person. As we know that, our body keeps changing every single day, minute, and moments.

balanced dietCommonly we can evidence external changes of our body only. For example- Hair, height, and tone of skin are the health features that we can notice. However, the changes that take place inside our body cannot be monitored.

Deposition of fatty substance, increasing density of muscles, and fluctuation in chemicals and enzymes of insider organs are not visible to us.

As our body keeps changing, in same passion nutritional needs of our body also keep changing.

For an example, nutritional needs of a 6 months old infant are entirely different in comparison of a youth of 21 years. A young woman whose reproductive phase is going on will definitely need more nutritional diets as compare to an old woman of sixty plus age.

So, let it be very clear that “Balanced diet” is a variable thing, and no one can achieve ideal Body Mass Index until and unless he or she understands this term.


Possible Causes Of Overweight and Obesity


There are alot of possible causes of Obesity like enviroment, inactive lifestyle, genes and family history, health conditions, medicines, emotional factors, smoking, age, pregnancy, lack of sleep – a detailed study here and fast food study here.

If you are an overweight person and the cause of your obesity is an outcome of indiscipline and imbalanced diets for prolonged duration; we love to serve you some very important recommendations that will be quite helpful to your weight loss mission.

  • First, you need to take out a pathological test of “Lipid Profile.” This test will show you that what the levels of your cholesterols are. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), High-density lipoprotein (HDL), and triglyceride (fats) are the sub-types of cholesterols. This pathological test will show you the exact imbalance of proteins, carbohydrate, and fats in your body. Detection of these values is more important if you are a known diabetic.


  • If your triglyceride level is at higher side in comparison of normal value, you desperately need a diet modification plan.


  • Give up non-vegetarian food- If you are an overweight person due to excessive fats, than you need to adopt “Vegetarianism” Non-vegetarian foods contain fatty substance at a very higher level. In other words, you need to stop further supply of hardcore fatty substances before removal of your body’s existing fats.


  • Vegetarian food is lighter as compare to non-vegetarian food. It is easy to digest. Moreover, most important thing that is vegetarian food supplies all nutritional values what a non-vegetarian food can supply without hardcore fatty substances.


  • Once you stop non-vegetarian food and adopt vegetarian food, you have taken first step towards your weight loss program.

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