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A lot of things in our life depend on our health. Health is a general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of metabolic and functional efficiency of a human body.  If your organism works properly you do not pay too much attention to the state of your health. But when something goes wrong it is a reason for careful treatment of your body.

If you aren’t healthy then material goods stops being the most important value. It’s then you realize that health is the major treasure in our lives. Scientific progress has had a great influence on the development of pharmaceutical industry. There have been developed medicinal formulas for the diseases that used to be considered incurable.

So at present time people have got all possibilities both to cure illnesses and to support their health. Online pharmacies have become a relatively new development in the pharmaceutical sphere in the recent time.

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What’s more, on-line pharmacies commonly offer a wide variety of generic products. People commonly are skeptical about these products without being well aware of what precisely this term signifies. When a certain producer develops a new medical formula he always patents it in order to obtain the maximum benefit on the sales of the medicinal preparation and to return the expenses. After the patent of the first producer is over, other medical producers get a chance to produce this product using the same formula that is not patented any more.

These preparations are called generics. So basically generic product is the same preparation as the brand name one, but it costs less because of the fact that the manufacturers of generic products do not have to spend money on tests and patenting of the preparation.