18 Again – vaginal gel – Virginity cream

Does 18 again virginity cream works?

18 again is a cream meant to restore vaginal tightness and vaginal elasticity, lubrication. This cream made from India claims to be the best gel for restoring vaginal tightness or virginity cream, company producing saying it will make women feel “like a virgin” again, talking about empowering women – this topic sparking disputes in India.

18 Again

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The makers of 18 Again, the Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Ultratech, say it is the first of its kind in India (similar creams are already available in other parts of the world such as the USA), and fills a gap in the market.

“With exotic ingredients like gold, punica granatum and centella asiatica, it has proven to be the most effective vaginal restoration cream available yet. 18 again has not only been created by top experts but also been approved by them and the FDA too.”

18 Again Ingredients:

18 Again is a blend of exotic natural ingredients which includes Woodfordia floribunda, CentellaAsiatica, Punicagranatum, Almonds, Alum, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Gold! It is a precise proportion that works towards providing the most effective rejuvenating and restorative properties within three months.


Woodfordia is used as an astringent and has stimulant properties. It helps to contract the walls of vagina.It helps to increase the blood flow on uterine lining and blood vascular muscles.


Centella Asiatica acts as a vasodilator and blood vessel strengthener. It heals scarred tissues and promotes skin health. Its topical application increases the tensile strength of flesh and tissues. It also increases the hemoglobin and decreases urea and acid phosphates in the blood.


It is a strong antioxidant, helps to protect tissues from damage, and lowers inflammation in the body.


It helps to increase lubrication and prevents vaginal itchiness. Almond is used as an antispasmodic and rejuvenation agent.


Alum is a strong obligatory and it helps to tighten the lax vaginal walls. It is used for vaginal tightening and it is a blood coagulant and calming agent. It also helps in fighting with vaginal infections that are prone to develop in the ageing tissue.


Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that prevents tissue damage and promotes cell growth. The topical use of Vitamin E helps to overcome vaginal dryness. It is also used to promote the healing of wounds and scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.


The gel of Aloe vera acts as a cleansing agent that helps in cleaning the dead tissues on the skin and helps in the growth of new tissues. It also prevents fungal infections and is a very effective clotting agent. The gel of Aloe vera is used as lubricant and natural moisturizer. This gel is very helpful in stimulating the immune system.


Gold is a powerful rejuvenator. It strengthens the body immunity and maintains vitality & vigor. Gold has been used in medicines designed to defy ageing and prolong life! When applied to the vaginal walls, it influences the walls at a cellular level, giving them new energy, defies ageing related changes and provides rejuvenation.

Using gold produces amazing age-defying results that are beneficial for preventative and repairing purposes of the vagina in a very short period of time.

Someone bougth 18 again cream? How 18 again gel works?

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